The major labels use to market music online. 

Now you can too.  

YouTube Premiere

Feature your newest YouTube video on a page where you control the experience. Boost your view count and grow your social and Spotify followings, email list, and more.

Spotify Pre-save is the first to offer free pre-save campaigns for indie artists. Get your fans to save your music on Spotify before its drop date and spike your early streaming activity for the upcoming release.

Audience Builder

Gain followers on social platforms, Spotify, YouTube, grow your email list, and more by placing a “gate” in front of almost anything on the web. Reward your fans and grow your audience at the same time.

Here's how to get started in 2 steps

Create a free CD Baby account is free to use for CD Baby members (distribution not required). Sign up for your free account, and you'll have immediate access via your dashboard. It's that easy.
Click "Marketing Tools with" 
You'll find it in the "Featured Tools" section from your CD Baby Dashboard. That's it! Get started promoting your music with the tools that pros use. logo

Build your audience with pro music-marketing tools.

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Spotify Pre-save
YouTube Premiere
Audience Builder

With’s powerful marketing tools, you can create conversion-focused landing pages that help you:

  • Build your following on YouTube, Spotify, and Soundcloud

  • Boost streams and video views

  • Launch a Spotify pre-save campaign

  • Run contests and giveaways

  • Grow your email list

  • And more

You can use at no cost!

You don't need to distribute music through CD Baby in order to use the tools that major label artists use to activate their audiences online. You only need a CD Baby account.


Get started now with a free CD Baby account logo

Not sure where to begin? We suggest you first create a “Social Unlock” campaign with the goal of boosting your Spotify following. 

The three keys to a successful campaign:

  • Compelling copy (find the best hook with the fewest words)

  • The right reward (make sure there’s an incentive for your fans)

  • A photo that tells some of the story (so you can make a quick impression)

Start building amazing campaigns

(Distribution NOT required)

(Distribution NOT required)